Recognizing the role of education in the advancement of nations, both the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its Vision 2030, and the government of the United Arab Emirates, through the National Agenda of Vision 2021, assign great significance to development and educational upgrading with a view to build promising generations with diverse cultures and multiple skills. Accordingly, a new path has been charted leading up to a distinct and excellent level in development of all levels, curricula and techniques of education. In fact, education and learning will experience profound change over the next few years. This will take shape in development and upgrading of curricula in line with a world class education philosophy in conformity with our Islamic religion. Teachers will also be qualified and professionalized in line with exigencies of the twenty-first century in order to keep pace with new intellectual, knowledge, technological and industrial developments. Investments will be doubled over the coming years to raise enrolment rates of kindergartens in view of their significant role in students’ formative years.

It should be noted that efforts pursued in education are inclusive and are geared to enable the two countries to assume higher rankings in knowledge and skill profile evaluation tests. Both countries also aim to bring the ratio of secondary school graduates on par with leading world ratios.