The Ministry of Media in Saudi Arabia and the National Media Council in UAE assume a leading role in development of a national strategy to promote the media sector and to enhance the two countries’ positive image in harmony with their stature at various levels. The media strategy seeks to ensure complementarity of roles with an aim to create an enlightened national media that keep abreast with times, while in harmony with the basic principles and values. The media as conceived by the strategy, will be able to communicate its message which is based on values of moderation and tolerance. In addition, the media will shed light on the two countries’ achievements and their positive role in all regional and international forums and events. On the other hand, these media oversight entities are in the process of developing laws, criteria and principles for licensing and approval of media organizations and related staff, along with regulation of electronic media and publishing. They also propose draft laws and prepare regulations to organize practice of media activity, in addition to monitoring of regular and digital media content.